We often look at a basket in developed countries like the United States and only see utility. These baskets, handcrafted in Africa, are seen as equal parts utility and craftsmanship. The fingers of weavers move nimbly across strands of sweetgrass and banana leaves, threading together durable walls and graceful designs in every basket. The women who weave these baskets are the epitome of grace and diligence for such basket weaving is a beloved artisanal tradition.


Aesha's African Baskets intends to honor these very women. Mame Ndao, the owner of Aesha's African Baskets, founded the Dipaleh Program which employs Senegalese artisans in the village of Mekke to craft these baskets. The Dipaleh Program also invests money in elementary education and other programs intended to improve economic opportunity for those residing in Senegal.