Have You Ever Seen Such Beautiful Storage?

They make great gifts!

  • Hand-woven with sweetgrass
  • Spacious
  • Beautiful colors
  • Unique designs












Click your preferred size below to purchase your basket today!

 X-Large - $180               Large - $160              Medium - $100 

Dimensions: (Diameter and Height)

X Large: D18” x H38”
Large: D16” x H31”
Medium: D11” x H24”

Do you struggle to find good storage that keeps your goods handy while not cluttering up your area?

Is it an endless nightmare getting your kids to pick up after themselves?

Once you find a good storage location, do you notice it's a hassle to access your items again?

I understand these struggles because I've been there, too.


Their hand-crafted origins ensure that each product will be unique, and they are so pretty and incredibly spacious!

No more struggling to declutter the storage that holds your clutter!

No more begging your kids to neatly put their toys or dirty clothes away!

No more dreading pulling your storage containers back out to find that one item you need.














Click your preferred size below to purchase your basket today!

 X-Large - $180              Large - $160              Medium - $100 












A note to our friends:

Our mission is to honor the women who create these beautiful baskets. Aesha's Baskets employs local artisans in Aesha's home village of Mekke in Senegal. This employment provides these ladies with a supplemental income they otherwise would not have available.

Aesha does more than that, though. She also invests a portion of the proceeds into Senegalese educational programs that help improve economic opportunities in general for the residents of Mekke.

In the Western world, we often look at baskets such as these and only see utility. Their creators, however, view them as equal parts utility and craftsmanship. The fingers of weavers move nimbly across strands of sweetgrass and banana leaves, threading together durable walls and graceful designs in every basket. The women who weave these baskets are the epitome of grace and diligence for such basket-weaving is a beloved artisanal tradition.

When you purchase from Aesha's Baskets, we want you to know that you are a part of this mission that is so dear to Aesha's heart. Thank you!